April 19, 2024

The MB92 Group has initiated a campaign aimed at fostering optimal crew practices and steering superyacht operations towards a more environmentally conscious future. Spearheaded by Danella Hopkins, formerly the Chief Stewardess of S/Y Black Pearl, this endeavor has garnered backing from various industry authorities, including captains, crew members, and specialized firms. The program’s objective is to slash emissions by as much as 30% through the adoption of sustainable measures such as fine-tuning temperature controls, adjusting cruising speeds, and efficient resource management. It will provide crew members with a comprehensive knowledge base and practical tools, marking a pivotal stride towards a more sustainable trajectory for superyacht operations. Implementation of the project is anticipated to be gradual, necessitating diverse technical and technological solutions tailored to different vessel types and usage profiles.

The Water Revolution Foundation, in collaboration with MB92, has devised guidelines geared towards promoting environmental sustainability aboard vessels. These guidelines are designed to revolutionize the industry’s sustainability paradigm. Rather than rigid directives, they serve as educational and motivational resources, offering insights into areas ripe for transformation. Crew members and industry experts were consulted during their formulation to ensure a holistic perspective and adaptability. The foundation advocates for an exploratory mindset, encouraging stakeholders to identify practices that best align with their vessel and operations. It underscores the notion that individual actions collectively pave the path towards meaningful change. Through collaborative efforts, the industry can navigate towards a greener, more sustainable future, recognizing the profound interdependence between the planet, oceans, and wildlife.

The crew of the yachting industry is steadfast in their commitment to championing sustainability across all facets of onboard operations. Each crew member assumes a pivotal role in mitigating their environmental footprint. The Captain serves as a role model, ensuring that crew members are well-versed in sustainable practices and motivated to integrate them into their daily routines. The Chief Officer prioritizes the use of eco-friendly cleaning products, endeavors to minimize water consumption, waste generation, and pollution both onboard and ashore. The Chief Engineer directs attention towards sustainable materials and products, striving to reduce waste and emissions while optimizing energy utilization. The Purser / Administrator focuses on integrating sustainability into procurement and delivery logistics, collaborating with suppliers and vendors to adopt sustainable delivery methods. The Head Chef emphasizes sustainable ingredients and endeavors to minimize food waste, crafting menus that align with eco-conscious principles. The Chief Steward(ess) places emphasis on sustainable practices within interior operations, encompassing laundry, cleaning, surface protection, and waste management.

Moreover, members of the crew take on the responsibility of educating both crew and guests about sustainability and promoting responsible practices whenever feasible. They pledge to uphold the vessel’s environmental policies and adhere to departmental guidelines aimed at enhancing operations and effecting positive changes. Collectively, they strive to identify avenues for a constructive impact and to implement solutions. Their dedication to sustainable yachting underscores its emergence as the new luxury for guests.

We at Lantimar remain committed to reporting on their commitments, recognizing that the welfare of our oceans, industry, and future hinges upon it.